trailtech vapor billet protector....I need help

I installed all the wiring for the computer and was going to mount the computer on the triple clamps for the protector, but it doesn't say what size holes to drill in the triple clamp for the self tapping screws. Anyone know?

I mounted mine to the top of the bar clamp. see attached pictures, they are not very good but they give you the idea.




Your just going to have to commit to a spot that works for you, the important thing is that you make sure you mark center punch your drill spots then drill the right size hole for the tap or tap screw. Call their customer service, research it on the internet or ask someone at Home depot. You can also hold each drill in front of screw so that you can see the drill only eclipsing the screw shank but not the screw threads, that would be the right size drill.

I would be very leary of drilling holes in the stock sand cast top triple clamp and putting in screws. You could seriously weaken that piece.

Figure out how to mount to the barclamps like all the others have done.

Ya what he said too.

I forgot to put that part in. :thumbsup:

thanks everyone. And about the drilling in the clamps...I was going off of what the guy at trail tech told me. He said that's their strongest mounting system.

Ill call them monday and see what they say as far as drill size. They should have a 24 hour email help line atleast. Most people do their riding on the weekends and if their computer shits on them they cant call right away!

I bolted mine to the bar clamps also, make the comp set just deep enough behind the number plate to protect it and make it look nice but not so far down its difficult to reach.

Ya what he said too.

I forgot to put that part in. :thumbsup:

Make that a drill on the triple.

I bought a piece of 2x4 metal strap from Home Depot for .42 cents. I cut it at an angle that suited the Trail Tech and bolted up under the handle bar clamp bolts. No need to drill holes they are already in the metal strap. I painted it flat black and you cant even see it. The best part is that its a little bit flexible too. PM me and Ill send you photos. I haven't shot it yet, but I think its bullet proof....

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