MRSA staph infection

No Spam...No Joke... My personal deal....

Two weeks ago, I and ( wife /twin 5 yr old boys) made our annual visit to my folks in Upstate NY.

Got out of the pool and saw a "zit" on the back of my leg...popped it of course...(7/02 .. 3pm)

By midnight..I could not sleep due to the pain in my leg...

After a sleepless night...I went to the local Urgent Care.. Wed. (July 3nd)

Slightly red around the perimeter..they gave me an "entry level" antibiotic...

Two days later (Fri.) ..I went back after no improvement...

Doctor made an incision to drain.... plus a stronger antibiotic (SepTra)...

By Sat the pain had gotten worse.....

Sat. afternoon we headed back to VA... 9 hr trip (home 0:300 Sunday)...

Went to E.R. in Winchester (3hrs of I.V.antibiotics) plus cutting the area deeper to drain...

E.R doctor saying...."come back in 48 hrs....."

I came back in 30 hours with my "bags packed" planning to stay for a few days ..

(no improvement).......

One day on I.V.......(Tues.)

Weds (7/11) The surgeon ( put me out for one hour) dug a tunnel (upside down T) inch inch either direction to remove the "spooge"..

Fours days in Winchester Hospital...(Over night...then Surgery..and two days of I. V.) I'm home.. Fri. 7/13

All over a friggin ' zit....

The doctors are saying we ALL have this new bacteria on our skin...which is immune to standard antibiotics..

It's not like the ole' days regarding..popping' zits the doctors said.....NO JOKE....with this bug...It's a serious DEAL..

MY TWO CENTS FROM EXPERIENCE.....I wouldn't waste my time with friends....

ps: Sorry Billy...

For missing the past few races due to my "personal issues"....

wow thats crazy. i guess when it rains it pours.048.gif

Is there like a hole in your leg where they cut it, maybe a pic?


25 years ago this was the isolation and a major deal, now it is endemic.

Once you have it you always have it per say. Serious round of Vancmycin with blood levels to. Sorry to hear this but I see it everyday.

glad you are fine now :thumbsup:

You might want to post this on the health/fitness forum here and get Dr Mark's opinion.

Scary stuff dude.

You might want to post this on the health/fitness forum here and get Dr Mark's opinion.

Scary stuff dude.

Great Idea....

Hope I don't get "popped" for a double post...

Don't feel bad, I had to have my hand fillet open and drained, a pic line, and 6 wks round the clock "HIGH" dose antibiotics via a little pump in a fanny pack I wore 24/7. But it was better than the alternative.... at first they thought it might be necrotizing faciaitis(sp) aka flesh eating disease and would have had to amputate....

I want to see a picture.

2 on you? Those pics are nasty.

2 on you? Those pics are nasty.

No, I work in a hospital. I have done wound care for years.

Ok, how long does it usually take to get rid of an MRSA.

Active infection could take two weeks, the wound that it leaves could take months. Once you have had it you are always considered as having it and will be treated likewise.

Let say that they have to do a minor surgical procedure call a Incision and Drainage. This could leave a hole in you up to multiple inches deep, these also tunnel or travel if you will. Once these two things occur you have to pack these wounds with a saline damped gauze twice a day for weeks. I have seen some really huge holes that require w foam to be packed the sealed and the a light suction applied for days on end.

If you get a cut or scrape. Wash things out with Hydrogen Peroxide and then wash well with warm water and a Ivory soap as minimal . Ivory is a pure soap and I have seen surgeons scrub before surgery with a new bar of Ivory before. This is the only over the counter product I have seen used like this. If you use Betadine/Iodine or other products sold for this as well thats fine. I did have one surgeon whom told people to use Dial antibacterial on cuts and scrapes as well. Do not stop bleeding right away, this also cleans things out, you were meant to bleed by design.

how long did the surgery take?

I used to have staph infections. Luckily none of them were MRSA. Most of the infections that I had were almost MRSA. Most antibiotics did not work at all. Only Dicloxacillin did anything to it. However, they were abscesses. Once an medium size or larger abscess forms antibiotics are of limited use. An abscess is your bodies protection against the infection. It tries to wall it off. It also makes it hard for any antibiotic to get in there and kill the bugs. Surgical treatment is the best. They cut it open, clean out the dead tissue and pack it with gauze so it drains. At that point if your immune system is in good shape most will heal without antibiotics.

I guess since none of the infections that I had were really serious, they never cultured the infection. It seemed bad to me with a golf ball sized abscess. Is culturing routinely done now on tough infections? Did they decide that it was MSRA with cultures and antibiotic testing against the bugs, or did they just call it that since it did not respond to the antibiotics that they gave you?

I used to get one of these a couple of times a year. I got really tired of that. I cut my alcohol consumption way back and started eating better. I have not had another infection like this in several years. Good living does have it's own rewards.

I&D takes minutes, usually a locale, the damage is done by the infection as cleonard stated. The healing takes a long time!

MRSA has to be grown in a culture. They cannot just label.

how long did the surgery take?

Not long at all....I got the "lights out" I.V. at about 8pm....

Awake, back in my room at 9pm....:thumbsup:

.5" ID....1 " deep...1 " either direction

Picture an upside down T....

Is all the rotten stuff gone now?

Is all the rotten stuff gone now?

..."Fingers crossed....":excuseme:

The surg used a 3500psi pressure washer and ..."hosed er out..."

(not really)

...Flushed was the term he used...

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