Linkage or Not

I am contemplating selling the 06 Yz 450. I will be replacing it with a 08 KTM. However I keep hearing that Ill regret it due to the likageless suspension. I am 240 lb amateur do mostly h&h and some motocross. So I will have to send the suspension out regardless. I have heard precision concepts is really good so they are likely to get it. My question is with quality suspension on a KTM are they comparable to the Japanese bikes.

At your weight, whatever bike you decide on will benefit from some suspension work; springs and valving. There are many guys who think the KTM's are better off road race bikes, while the Jap bikes are better motocrossers. You need to answer the question of which bike is better for you, your style and preference will get you the right one. The dirt bike mags generally rate the KTM off road bikes very highly, but don't like the moto models nearly as much. You say you want to race both, so you need to buy the bike you like better.

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