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Supercross CMRC Canadian Nationals Round 6 Nanaimo, BC *SPOILERS*

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Saturday Update from Nanaimo

at Jul 14, 2007 8:32pm

For the first time this year, there hasn't been much to discuss following today's practice at the sixth round of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals. The Wastelands track has always received mixed reviews from the riders and today, it didn't get a lot of love.

The track crew worked hard all night, throwing down water, and they did again today right before practice, but that still couldn't keep the dust down other than in a few spots. The tabletop-to-tabletop section up along the back section will be changed tomorrow to give the riders more lift to clear the jumps more smoothly. Even Monster Energy/ Cernic's Kawasaki's Paul Carpenter had troubles jumping from one tabletop to next cleanly.

The infamous Nanaimo whoops have been replaced with two smaller tabletops.

Here are the top 10 fastest lap times from each class in today's practice:


Jimmy Nelson 1:51.311

Ben Evans 1:51.458

Kyle Beaton 1:51.587

Andrew Belin 1:51.764 (Ignition Racing/ RXC Factory Rider for a Day)

Eric Nye 1:53.030

Kris Foster 1:53.282

Weston Potter 1:53.980

Brady Sheren 1:54.079

Brock Hoyer 1:54.585

Dustin Hayes 1:55.501


Blair Morgan 1:47.316

Colton Facciotti 1:47.541

Jeff Northrop 1:49.850

Paul Carpenter 1:49.940

Andrew Belin 1:50.112

Kevin Rookstool 1:50.186

Tyler Medaglia 1:50.385

Jeff Gibson 1:50.547

Kyle Keast 1:51.357

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Nanaimo MX2 Moto One Results

at Jul 15, 2007 5:49pm

1. Jimmy Nelson

2. Kyle Beaton (came from mid-pack)

3. Gray Davenport

4. Ben Evans

5. Tucker Hibert

6. Kyle McGlynne

7. Brock Hoyer

8. Brady Sheren

9. Weston Potter

10. Andrew Belin

In MX1 news Chuck Mesley crashed during qualifying practise and broke a couple ribs and will not be racing today.

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Nanaimo MX1 Moto One Results

at Jul 15, 2007 6:19pm

The MX1 moto turned into a crazy race. With JSR out with his concussion prior to Calgary, his teammate, Colton Facciotti took the holeshot and started to pull a healthy lead. Half-way through the race he suffered a flat rear tire and pulled off the track. His team threw on a new wheel and he returned to the track a lap down. Josh Woods took over the lead in Facciotti's absence and he then fell. Jeff Northrop took the lead from Woods and kept things upright to win. Woods finished 5th while Facciotti unlapped himself and finished 14th. Josh Penner crashed on the finish line and DNF and Blair Morgan DNF'd half-way through the moto. We'll have more updates on this crazy moto later.

1. Jeff Northrop

2. Jeff Gibson

3. Simon Homans

4. Paul Carpenter

5. Josh Woods

6. Mason Phillips

7. Marco Dube

8. Pierce Chamberlain

9. Drew Clegg

10. Kyle Keast

11. Davey Fraser

12. Tyler Medaglia

13. Ryan Lockhart

14. Colton Facciotti

15. Julian Cerny

16. Johnny Montes

17. Tyler Faulk

18. Howie Spencer

19. Josh Snider

20. Broc Shury

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Results haven't been officially released yet, but word from the track is that Kyle Beaton won the second MX2 moto by a good margin over Ben Evans and Jimmy Nelson in 3rd, and that Simon Homans secured his first ever MX1 overall win with a 1st place in moto 2 giving him 3-1 for the day, beating Jeff Northrop's 1-3. Marco Dube was 2nd in MX1 moto 2.

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MX2 and MX1 Final Results

at Jul 15, 2007 10:44pm

The sixth round of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals is now dust in the wind, literally. Without sounding too critical, the Wastelands track was in terrible condition for the second motos. I understand that a small club operates and maintains the facility, but there is no excuse for the conditions we witnessed today.

Even as a spectator, it was tough to see who was who for the first few laps--I can't imagine what it must have been like for a rider. I apologize to those in charge, but I'm just calling a spade a spade. Anyhoo, I will expand on the track conditions next week in the Frid'Eh Update.


Kyle Beaton was the story of the day. The Yamaha Canada rider was the fastest rider on the track right from the get go, charged through the field to finish second behind Jimmy Nelson in the first moto, and passed five riders to take his first moto win and overall in the MX2 class. Good job, Kyle. Nelson admitted he played things smart, but he still pushed hard to win the first moto and finished a safe third behind Ben Evans in the second moto.

In the second moto, we once again saw the red flag waved after Kyle McGlynn, who finished sixth in the first moto, crashed hard on the first lap. He broke his Leatt Brace in half and went to the hospital with a sore back and concussion. Ryan Millar also went down in the first corner in the second moto and walked off with a broken collarbone.

Our Factory Rider for a Day, Andrew Belin, didn't have the weekend he--or everyone else--expected after viewing his lap times. He posted a respectable 11th in the first MX2 moto after a terrible start, but he crashed in the first MX1 moto and pulled off and then lost his brakes in the final MX2 moto. He put in a great ride in the final MX1, however, running close to the top five for most of the moto before finishing 11th--his career best MX1 moto.


Another Yamaha rider was the story in the MX1 class and no, he doesn't belong to the Blackfoot squad. It was Simon Homans, who finished third in the first moto and won the final moto after passing Marco Dube for the lead. It was Homans' first MX1 win of his career. Jeff "Norcal" Northrop showed speed once again, taking the first moto win after Colton Facciotti suffered a rear flat tire and Josh Woods stalled it. Northop wants a big bike ride in Canada next year and he's definitely proving he is capable of winning and being a contender. He also has a really good sense of humour, as you could see by the mullet-style wig he wore in practice yesterday. Paul Carpenter never had good starts all day; Tyler Medaglia struggled with a jarred back and couldn't finish the final race; Colton Facciotti was run over by his teammate, Blair Morgan, in the second moto but worked his way back up to ninth; Morgan hit Medaglia's rear tire in the first moto and hurt his wrist. He returned to the second moto and came through the pack to finish seventh.

MX2 Top 10

Kyle Beaton 2-1

Jimmy Nelson 1-3

Ben Evans 4-2

Gray Davenport 3-4

Weston Potter 9-6

Brady Sheren 8-8

Kevin Urquhart 12-5

Eric Nye 10-7

Brock Hoyer 7-12

Dustin Hayes 14-10

MX1 Top 10

Simon Homans 3-1

Jeff Northrop 1-3

Jeff Gibson 2-4

Marco Dube 7-2

Paul Carpenter 4-6

Josh Woods 5-5

Mason Phillips 6-8

Drew Clegg 9-10

Pierce Chamberlain 8-14

Colton Facciotti 14-9

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The club was adiment on watering after the red flag delay on the second mx2 race. The CMRC said "not to water!" "We need to keep the event on time." The club has taken such a point the finger your to blame sh#t beating so far that we will never see another Canadian national race there again I think. The word out of calgary is there done with the cmrc too because of no support from them.

Don't get me wrong, your report was very nice compaired to the racer x and cmrc's. I just wish somone would say maybe somthing positive about that race.

Oh yeah, Thanks for selling smokes at the race cmrc!

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