did my jd jet kit

i ride between 4500 and 9000'. did the the 3x3 a month or so ago and was amazed by the results without jetting due to the elevation. completed the jd kit 2 days ago with 150 main stock 22.5 pilot blue needle third clip and 2.75 turns on the fuel screw. bike runs great, a little less pop on decel, but no noticeable power difference, maybe a little better throttle response. where my expectations to high as far as more noticeable power increase. and if i drill out the baffles on the stock pipe will i have to rejet? thx

the 3x3 hole is the power gain.rejetting is just to correct the fueling.

becuase of the elevation,your bike was way rich stock.the 3x3 corrected that.

doesnt suprise me you didnt notice any gain with the JD kit.

thanks eddie, if i drill out the baffles or get a full yosh, will i need to rejet? also will i get a noticeable power increase?

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