I'm soooooo happy!!!--pix added ;0)

First hi! I'm a long time lurker, and finally remembered my password, heh.

Anyways, I'm sooooo happy because I got a new bike, a WR250f. I did have a TTR125L which I pushed past its limits :thumbsup: and last summer I borrowed an XR200--which I really liked, being bigger and all, but it wasn't mine.

So I got my new bike(so cool cuz eveyone else in the family always go the shiny new bikes and I got the beat up ones cuz I was "learning" and hadn't gotten "good enough" to get a big girl bike). Of course it was waaaay too tall, I barely could touch with the tip of one toe BUT I still rode it on our track even though I would tip over whenever I stopped(and would have to pick it up myself of course because if I am going to have a big girl bike I have to be able to pick it up myself--no whiners allowed in this family!). SO, we were looking into lowering it, and I was bummed cuz it would take a while to send parts off and I'd miss riding. Anyhoo--and this is probably way obvious to y'all--I was thinking try shaving the seat first and see where that gets me. Tho I had to beam that thought into hubby's head awhile because he hated the thought of chewing up the brand new seat of a new bike(you know how sometimes you have to make an idea seem like it was hubby's idea...)

So my happy dance, it worked and that was all it took! FREEEEE! (well he did screw down the front forks a tad too). I'm back to myself and dont' fall over when I stop without reaaallly thinking about it first(that probably sounds dorky...oh well, I'm STILL super happy about it!!)

It's just so cool to have a brand new bike of my own!! I'm not a speed demon, but I'm not a slow poke either (last summer my hubby was surprised I was only a minute or less behind him and the boys on the trail--yay!). I enjoy riding with anybody who will let me, and making it home at the end of the day. And I'll make dinner and dessert too!

Now we have to un-snot the jetting so it doesn't bog in 1st hehee.

IlovemynewbikeIlovemynewbike :thumbsup:

sorry for the novel!

(if you see this, HI Kangaroo! it's me celeste)

Congrats on your bike!!! You sound super excited about it! Have fun!!!! Get us some pics!!!

Yes, photos are a must! Glad you're enjoying it!

Hey, thanks! I'll work on some pix--the menfolk are away today on a "guy" ride. I made sure to get a ride in before they left hmmph!

Uncorked it yet?

Let's see some pics!:thumbsup:

Congrats and Welcome!!!

Hi from down under ...

Welcome aboard, and congrats on the new wheels! Now we need pics and ride reports! :thumbsup:

Woohoo!!! Congrats on the WR!!


Pics? :thumbsup:

Welcome!! I ♥ the WR too! Congrats!

Congrats on the new bike!

Thanks for all the hellos!! here's my pix, I'll have to figure out how to actually get them to appear later...

Cheesecake photo of new arrival


Me in action on our track


I'm flyyyyyyyin'!!!!! (it's really just an optical illusion!)


I'm crossing my fingers these pix will show up!!


Um, it seems the downstairs bathroom needs to be tiled before I get the WR unsnottified. Meanwhile, I'll have to deal with it ;0). I'm being good, I'm riding everyday(we've got a half mile tracky-trail). I'm mostly practicing being real smooth with the throttle--the TTR and XR I had were very sloppy/forgiving, ha(I suspect that encouraged "bad habits"). But I'm having lots of fun. We're going with a group in two weeks for a day ride near here, I'll take the crappy camera :thumbsup:

I'm also going to go throw some rocks and branches around the track so I can practice bouncing off of those.

If anybody cares, I have a 31" inseam, the bike was about 36" tall. We shaved the seat way down and it was enough for me. I'll still have to practice my Vegas showgirl cancan kicks to get my leg in the pants with the boot over the back end, ha!

PS---okay, I'm an idiot, the pix don't work. Do the links work for you? POint me to where I can figure out how to post a pic(thank you)

The links work. Im not too sure on how you would post an image from your host; I would try photobucket. Its very easy. You have to make an account, but its free and they give you the link to post as an image so it just comes up; Otherwise I think you would have to put around it.

Any way congradulations on the wr. I was looking into them for a while; and everyone seems very happy with them after they did their "free mods"

Just click on the link where you have the pictures so you can copy the URL (the one you pasted in the message you posted), then when you are typing your message for a reply, click on the little icon (above where you type in your message) that is second in from the right, it looks like it has a little mountain on it. Then it will pop up a new window and ask you for the URL of the picture...paste the URL, click OK...finish up your message, click submit, and you're done!

P.S. Nice pics...looks like you don't have gloves on in the one picture :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

The links work. Im not too sure on how you would post an image from your host; I would try photobucket. Its very easy. You have to make an account, but its free and they give you the link to post as an image so it just comes up; Otherwise I think you would have to put insertimage.gif

Yea...that little button :thumbsup:

Saaweet pix!!! :thumbsup:

Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun! I want a track in my back yard!

Welcome and Nice pics :thumbsup: but man!!! DO you go nuts with all that hair under you helmet?? I sure would!!

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