Easiest way to intall T-cable at carb?

I'm at the point where I can just pop that FCR-MX carb on and off no sweat... except for the throttle cables. Is there a trick I'm missing? I never fail to get 'em fiddled back on, but there must be an easier way.

Right now they are the last step in putting my carb back on. I leave the cables un-bolted and slide the throttle "key" on halfway, then poke at the cable with one two few hands, and too large of fingers, until I can get the cable to slip/pop/bend over the right way.

Talk to me.

Why are you taking your FCR-MX on and off so much???I've never taken mine out for tuning purposes after it was initially installed for the conversion.

Well the first time was such a bear for me I guess it feels like I've done it more than I really have. I also neglected to pick up a Kientech screw the first time, so that was another one.

Bike starts great, idles great, no bog anywhere, and seems spot on when I'm "on it", but it likes to gently surge with a steady throttle at slow speeds, like when commuting in traffic. Not real bad... but I took it off again to verify all the bits were exactly what I thought they were, and make sure everything was snug, no leaks. Tried a #42 pilot, but that had little effect except to require the fuel screw get turned out more, so I plan on putting the 45 back in and trying a clip position on the needle. :thumbsup:

The tank etc., and carb come off so quick now, I was just wondering if there was a trick to getting the cables back on without fiddly fiddling.



EMN 3rd from flat side

200 Main Air Jet

Slow Air Jet removed

160 Main

45 Pilot



Yosh Ti (plugged up)

I don't know.My bike was rich all the way around and I ended up having to lean every cicuit out a little to make it run real smooth.My 1/8 - 1/4 throttle surging and hunting and sluggish response was taken care of by going to the 42 pilot jet and careful adjustment of the fuel screw.I also went to the EMR needle on the 3rd or 4th clip.For the top end I went to a 155 main.Make sure you don't have any air leaks around your manifold,airboot or adapter.I also run my Ti pipe completely uncorked and wear earplugs.

Your altitude and set-up seem so close to mine, I'll give the EMN with the 42 a try before I go back to the 45.

I used to just leave the cables attached to the carb.

Or if they are already off, fit them to the carb before re-fitting to the bike.

Neil. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

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