Any tips for mastering the whoops? (Vid)

I have a video here of me at the track, and I'm trying to get quick in those whoops. What am I doing wrong or what am I doing right, I'd like to hear some opinions if you guys don't mind.

Also I ride a KDX200 so that may hamper me a bit at the track :thumbsup: I'm the green bike with the head light and conventional forks...

I might be buying an '06 RM250 soon here though :thumbsup:

Thanks for any and all help; I'm a track newbie and I'm hooked!

Looked faster than most others! My favorite part of a track are whoops. Maybe cause most others have problems with em. I just try to get as fast as I can prior to the first ,and almost "horse jocky" thru em. Suspension has a tendency to "get even" when speed is changed up or down. Just practice "pegging it " keep your wrists (elbows up) stationary and stay away from the brakes till you are at the turn...Charlie

Whoops are my favorite as well. I love seeing a big 450 blow past me on a straight, then a 1/4 lap later I fly by him in the whoops.

I like this section most because the bike you have is of less importance, because my suspension is, in the mx world, considered CRAP.

Yea,well....your bike maybe actually making you more aggresive..thats a good thing..You and I both know machinery the same...they in trouble,lol..just keep your tires (probably the most over looked ) fresh as possible..suspension dialed have no problem..Charlie

looks like u did em pretty good to me u were doubling them instead of just singleing them i think u did a good job compared to everyone else that was goin through there real slow

You could just double, triple, triple.

the hardest thing really is commitment....its hard to commit when you see thw whoops..but just dnt think about it and just get in a high gear, squeeze the bike with your legs, butt pointing back and your head slightly over the tank...then just keep a steady throttle all the way through..also keep your upper body somewhat loose you will need to absorb the hits..dnt resist the bike just go with the flow..

Thanks for the advice. I have blisters on my knees from hugging the shrouds in the whoops section. Can't say i didn't have fun though. Only my second time to the track.

Is it safe to say If I snag this 06 RM250 I would be Immediately faster on all sections of the track?

ya i think u would... it handles better than a KDX and its faster

yes..its a competition/race bike...its ready to go right out of the box

Whoops are my favorite as well. I love seeing a big 450 blow past me on a straight, then a 1/4 lap later I fly by him in the whoops.

Me on my 450 will blow by me on my 250F in the whoops.

Is it safe to say If I snag this 06 RM250 I would be Immediately faster on all sections of the track?

If you're KDX is a koala, the RM250 would be a grizzly in comparision. Like 24 said... it's a mofo right out of the box.

Was that last Saturday at Walden? I was there! I was riding a black RMZ 450. The whoops there are not your typical whoops, they are somewhere between whoops and a rythym section. I think you did a great job in them! Most people (including myself) just double through them while most experts just blitz them or do some kind of triple double combo. Considering what you're riding, I think you are doing awesome!

Yea it was walden! I don't specifically remember a black RMZ. I'm pretty sure I stand out more than other people with my bike, not because it is a factory bike but because it is a trail bike.

Some of the experts just wide-open skimming them are fun to watch. I can't imagine that being all to difficult if I were on an MX bike set up for me. I DEFINITELY am not going back there until I have this bike sold for a 250 2-stroke. This KDX physically punished me the faster I went. It probably took a lot of the fun out of it.

Should be on a new bike in less than two months though!!!

Yeah, I seem to do that even on my 250f track bike:bonk: . I hate not being able to double 'em and land on the tops of all of them. Oh well, faster than rolling 'em :thumbsup:. Good luck with getting the mx bike, and you should take a vid of you doing it with the mx bike vs doing w/ trail bike.

thats definitely walden for sure. i was there last weekend and it was pretty sick although they were set up more towards rockers when i went.

im not sure but i think i remember you riding that kdx with headlight/tail light, right? i have vid also i will upload it later and post it.

oh yea, not sure but you guys remember the kid on a yellow/green kxf250 aluminum frame gooning over those and pulling heel clickers over the finish table? i have it on tape.

pm me for further discussion :thumbsup:

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