Trail Bike

I was riding some pretty rough technical trails today and i came upon a group of about 12 riders. Some of them were having allot of trouble gettin up a steep rooty, rocky hill. Some of them made it up just fine others did not. What is the best bike for rough technical trails. As far as traction and ease of getting up technical stuff.

All depends... You pretty much pick your poison and get better at what your riding. If you want to be lazy ride a four stroke, if you want to work harder to get up the same thing ride a 2 stroke!

Obviously a trials bike but a decent rider can ride a XR650L up some of the nastiest stuff you ever saw while a less skilled rider can't get a trials bike up something.

I ride 4Ts and 2Ts about equally. Although the 4T may be a little easier, momentum and smooth throttle control is your friend. Usually moto-x bikes are rather poor at this because of the light switch throttle and pretty serious mid range hit. 2Ts like the KTM exc/xc-w series or KDXs are pretty good technical riding bikes.

Mostly, like jrgong420 noted, it's what you're used to.

I trail ride a 125. Doesnt bother me at all. We have some pretty nasty stuff around here and up in Ohio that we ride. Bike does fine.

The clutch is your friend.

My KDX dominated any other bike I have ridden in trails. I can see a KTM 300 and a 525 beating it though. Not really the same class at all, but hey.

probably a kdx or ktm 300xc as a 2 stk:thumbsup:

uh, get a rekluse and it doesent matter what kinda bike you have

Obviously a trials bike

First thought I had also :thumbsup:

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