Clark, as you know i'm going to the Sierra's

in a few weeks and wanted to see if you could give me jetting tips on my 2000 wr. The bike has stock timing, and all the exhaust and intake restrictions removed. current jetting is- pilot is 50, stock is 48,

needle is obdvr, 4th position, stock is drs, 3rd position, main is 180, stock is 165, main air jet is 200, same as stock,pilot airjet is 100, stock is 75, fuel screw is 2 out, stock is 1.5 out.My current jetting works great for my High Desert location and i've ridden it up to around 6000'and it worked great at that elevation as well. My Sierra trip will vary between 4000'- to around 9000' but will average around 7500'. What do you recomend?



The Kernville Dual Sport ride usually runs between 3000 and 9500ft in altitude. If however there is still snow on top sometimes they run you down toward Bakersfield and the altitude can go as low as 800'. I believe the stock jetting on the 00WR is as follows



N=DRS #3

With your bike mods I would recommend a 48PJ with 1.0 to 1.5 turns out on the fuel screw, DVR #4 and a 178MJ for this event. I think the 50PJ is too much for this bike in general and on this ride for sure. If you still have the WR timing you may want to consider a 45PJ with 2 turns on the fuel screw for this event, but the 48 with less turns on the fuel screw should be just fine.

I will be running my YZ timed 99 WR as follows:


Fuel screw = 1.25

needle = DVP #4

MJ = 175 to 182 most likely a 178

I will as usual go up early and jet to the specific conditions.


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