advice on a used 03 450f..

ok so i bought an 03 yz450f from some dude in orlando..the bike belonged to his son..they bought it new from the dealer when they lived in california..rode about 2 years in sandy stuff and trails tracks or super hard riding..they were not into going fast..even though they had a fast bike..when they moved here to florida 2 yrs ago..he basically let it sit in the garage..started it occasionally and mayb rode it down the street..they have kept up on routine maintanence my question is about valves..i always hear guys describing how they always checked their valve adjustments "every race" blah blah i wondered if i should do these checks? or would you think with it never being "raced" it should be fine if i dont notice anything obvious..(sounds,lack of power etc)..any help? thanx-josh

It's always a good practice to check out any new-to-you bike thoroughly to get a feel for what goes on with it. Check your valves now, then once more after you,ve ridden it a few times to be sure it's holding the adjustment. If my '03 is any kind of example, they'll be fine. After that, you can check them as often as you like, but every 3-4 months should be plenty. There's absolutely no reason at all to check them every ride/race in a YZF.

alright sounds good thanx alot!..and by the way if ur changing out plastic looking for the tank shrouds in blue pref..thanx again-josh

Hey man, i got 95 hours on my 06 and i just adjusted one intake valve. i bought a 03 new in the summer of 05 and had 89 hours on it when i sold it and it never needed adjusting. i checked them, but yami has the genisis head and its almost as reliable as a prostitute

thanx! sounds good to me

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