rear brake locking up

I've got an '02 DRZ that I bought a couple of months ago that started life as an S model, but the guy I bought it from stripped it down so now it is lighter that the E model. I am having a problem with the rear brake locking with even the slightest amount of pressure. I don't know if it is missing a return spring or what, but it is pretty much useless.

How does the rear brake return system work, and what do I need to look for to fix it??


drz rear brakes have been very touchy.

have read before about changing the master cyl. out with a crf master

suppose to have a softer feel to it...

haven't done it, so can't say which one to look for.

My '05 DRZSM, which I also got a few months back, had this problem too. I thought the rear wheel was fishtailing because I didn't have my butt over the rear axle. But another rider said the problem lay in my front end. So I had a suspension expert check and adjust my forks -- he dialed them in a few times, test rode the bike after each attempt until he was satisfied, added more fork oil, and bled the air out. Since his adjustments, the rear brake locking and fishtailing have almost disappeared. It's only when I do hard emergency braking that my rear brake locks some.

I am having the same problem but all you need to do is adjust the lever.


Following in the instructions in the Owners Manual, I lowered my rear brake lever so it was 1/2 inch below the top of the footpeg. Before I did that, the slightest pressure on the pedal locked up the rear end.

Now, after lowering the pedal, there's a lot more "room" to depress the pedal and apply varying amounts of brake to the rear wheel. If I push down real hard, it will still lock up. But I can also give it a good amount of pedal and the rear wheel will slow without locking.

Don't know why this is, but I like it.

Rear brake??? I never use it past 10 mph anyway...

Rear brake??? I never use it past 10 mph anyway...

Heh....exactly. I don't think I have ever put on a set of rear pads. Only time I have used them was when the pucker factor got to a certain level.

On my SM, my rear has so little stopping power, I have to literally stand on it to get it to lock up on pavement. I do use it though, that final 10 feet to a stop or when on gravel. When dirt biking, I used it to help control extremely steep down hill descents.

Thanks for the info.

I will check the lever position. I mostly ride trails where 10-15 mph is top speed, so the rear comes in handy every once in a while.

So I just rode my 06 SM for the second time this season (after sitting in the garage for 4 months during the winter) and the rear is locking up REALLY easily.

During moderate braking (like the type required during spirited riding, but NOT panic stop level), it locks up. A visual inspection yields no obvious problems. There doesn't seem to be any dragging, either. Any ideas?

Had the same deal here, when using the rear brake in rough terrain at speed it would lockup and hop. I found due to my size 12 clod hoppers and my leg angle I needed to lower the brake peddle down about 1 1/2" from stock. Never drug my toes yet and haven't had a problem on the street or dirt since.

Adjust the bike to suit you, had to drop mine a bit too.

the crf m/c mod will cure all of that.

the crf m/c mod will cure all of that.

Cost verses benefits? How does it work for you?

+ easy to install,cures the bulging reservoir,gives you great brake modulation so you can hold threshold braking with ease and costs about 30 to $40 all over ebay.

one of the best mods for a drz.

- slightly longer pedal travel

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