milky oil

i went out riding and went through some deep puddles(and i mean deep) and after riding my bike started running horrible it was making this kind of rattle noise went to change my oil and it was milky. there was a tiny bit of coolant loss but not a major ammout and went i start my bike it sounds and runs horrible i also noticed it gets hot as soon as you start it the bike is a rmz 250 2006

deep water bad:bonk: drain the oil immediately and fill crankcase with not run with this in bike!!!fill until it come out the breather.shake the bike back and forth to make sure it gets everywhere in the motor.let sit over night.drop the fluid out and change the oil filter at the same time.let it drain for a couple hours.refill with oil and run bike till warm and drainagain and change filter again.look at oil drained out and look for any milkyness.if it looks bad repeat process.if noise persists you need to pull out your wallet and part with your money.if no more noise you dodged a bullet.check your air filter and airbox for water too.then sell the damn thing and start with a new bike.

if i do that process and sell the bike right after how long do u think the buyer will have the bike for before it blows up

well i took the bike in the shop and he will fix it for 50-60 bucks he staye the noise was the clutch and it would stop after cleaning the oil out if not it should be much. i could clean the oil out myself but i got surgury tommrrow

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