Y-fitting on Radiators

I have an 06 KX250F and had the plastic Y-fitting (right side under the shroud) melt and explode and l lost all my coolant. I searched all over for the silicone hoses that has the one-piece Y-kit that eliminates the Y-fitting. $200! and Pro Circuit had them back ordered for weeks. Anyway, BTO Sports suggested the CV4 silicone hose kit which was a little cheaper than the Pro-Circuit and also came in green. After all that hassle, one day I was looking at my friend's 07 KX250F and wouldn't you know, his stock Y-fitting was metal! Hmmmm...did Kawasaki have problems with these and forget to tell anyone (I never got a recall notice on that part, did anyone else?) Anyway, the point of all this is to learn from my mistake and if you have the same spontaneous combustion of your plastic Y-fitting, just buy the 07 part as a replacment and save bundles of money. Unless you want the cooling looking green silicone. Maybe even replace the part BEFORE it blows.

sound like you have a case of the :thumbsup:

yea i was kinda shocked when u said the y fitting was plastic...mine is metal

Order the fitting from an 07 it is metal and should take care of that problem from happening again.

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