a bought a wr400 2001 3weeks ago after i had to beg save and borrow,i havent even been able to afford a helmet cos of the past 3weeks ov debts have had to pay off all have been doing his polishing it!! i havent even had chance for a little go or anything!finally this weekend coming a can afford helmet and goggles,and i,ll be able to ride it at long last!!have had cr125 xL 100 klr650 klx 250 dt125 + many more what am a gonna b in for this weekend ????? am i in for a cool ride IS THE WR400 all that???

Hope you have had a couple of practice starting drills... then that is all you have to worry about... did you buy the bike from a shop? they should have thrown in a new skid-lid for you...

If the bike is stock, then get used to riding it, and when you do the free mods, you will be even happier with it...

You could have been doing the mods and greasing the swingarm/headstem the last couple of weeks, unless you have no tools either... :)

Have a safe one, and welcome to the blue brotherhood... Glad to see you are waiting to be safe...



i have got the hang of starting .easy now.a did get it from a shop aswell,still takes 5mins to start when cold the when hot straight away

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