yzf250vs my ktm200

i was at the track today and normally ride my 2000 ktm 200mxc. which gets around pretty good. its actually alot more bike than i need. so anyway, a guy there with a 04 yzf20 let me take it for a couple laps. it rode so much better and softer than the ktm. it was like riding on pillows.is this normal for all yzf's? i was really shocked at the power of it also. i think i am now on the hunt for either his or one like it.

the ktm 200 '05 was a lot harder to go fast on at the track than my yzf. I did not like it and gave it back with only 2 laps saddletime. I don't know if the suspension was set up poorly causing the harsh ride but I do know the powerband really sucked at the track.

Yamaha makes em' pretty nice! I have a 00' KTM 250 and I did the same thing.I rode a YZ250f and then had to have one.The suspension of a Yamaha is way superior over the KTM.I'm a huge fan of KTM and now Yamaha as well.

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