Advice or ? on Vapor magnetic bolt.

I am in the process of installing the Trail Tech Vapor on my bike and get to installing the magnetic bolt that is suppose to replace a bolt on my front rotor. I get the allen head bolt out and screw the TT bolt in, grab my ratchet and socket and put just a little bit of pressure on it (read the weight of my hand and the ratchet) and the :thumbsup: head breaks off the bolt. Now I have the stem of the bolt stuck in my hub and a watch battery looking magnet. Are you not suppose to tighten this bolt?? It looks like just tin is holding the magnet to the top of a threaded rod. &%$#@!? I don’t have any more magnetic bolts laying around the garage and I really don't want a "loose" bolt in my rotor. Now it looks like I am gunna have to remove the rotor just to get the broken bolt out. I dunno what I'm gunna do about fixing the bolt.

does anyone have any pics of mounting the sensor to the caliper bracket?? I'm having a tough time figuring this out too.

Sounds like a defective bolt. I'm sure Trailtech will replace it or offer an alternate solution. The magnets can be epoxyed in place but you should not have to do that if the bolt is good. As for the rest of it, there is a little ingenuity requited. Every installation is different. Trailtech customer service will help.

I dunno what was up with that bolt. But it snapped real easy. I'll call TT in the morn. I did get the sensor mounted up.

BTW for all of you installing the vapor. Use a 1/8" drill bit to mount the speedo sensor to the caliper mounting bracket!!! I used a little smaller bit and thought that I could get away with it. Unnn uaaa! I snapped the head off the self tapping screw. Just another set back.

I gotta get the magnet bolt fixed up somehow too.

yeah, sounds like a defective bolt...I've removed and mounted my girlfriend's CRF230 pickup bolt a bunch of times switching back and forth from dirt to SM wheels...

I placed the magnet in the correct hole and let it sit over the weekend. Took it out and now the disc is magnetized. It's been 2 months now and everything works fine.

I called Trail Tech today and they agreed, it sounds like a defective bolt. They are rushing me a new one. Great customer service!! I hope the new bolt is stronger than this one was. It was a pain to remove the broken off part from the hub. But I got it.

It you are installing this becarefull of the magnetic bolt.

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