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newbie here =)

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Hi All,

This is my first post and i just thought i would say "Hi" and all that good stuff. I just recently acquired a 2003 KLX 400 SR and found out about this forum from another motorcycle forum i belong to (ZX-12R.org). I've already spent about 7 hours reading tons of posts and trying to learn as much as possible about my new machine here. :thumbsup: So, after doing some reading here, i am now petrified and paranoid about the CS sprocket seal issue, the primary nut and the cam chain tensioner! :thumbsup: Guess i have some issues to address with this bike! :cheers:

While i am new to this bike, i have been riding motorcycles (streetbikes) for about 25 years and i try to do as much of my own maintenance and repairs as my ability and tools allow. I am aware of the search function and the FAQ's of this site, so i will try not to ask stupid questions too often, but hey, i make no guarantees, LOL !

I recently moved to the Tucson Arizona area, and would be thrilled to meet up with any other members of this forum who happen to live nearby or even semi-nearby. I know there is lots of off road riding to be done around here, but i am not very familiar with the surrounding areas yet, so it would be cool to meet up with some more experienced off-road riders and do some trail riding and whatnot. Or, if anybody is up for sportbike riding, I'm THERE!!!:busted:

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