throttle sticks, what to do?

I am finishing up a complete rebuild of my bike from the frame up. I just installed my carb and my throttle and what not today. The problem is that when i turn my throttle back, the tube will just stay there and not "snap" back into its original position.

When the bike was apart i cleaned the throttle cable, i also cleaned inside the throttle tube and housing before i put everything back together, and i'm pretty sure the cable is routed i dont really know what the problem is, anyone have any idea's on what to do/check?

Oh yeah, its an '03 yz450.

if you have hand guards it may be holding the throttle from snapping back. you may have some crap inbetween your tube and your handlebar you may have some dirt in your cable

hope one of those helps

Pull the tube off the bar an straighten the cable out and try it. If it still hangs up disconnect from the carb and see if the carb works ok alone. Then fix the carb or cable/throttle tube as required.

or the throttle tube may be too far down the bar. loosen it up and move it out a little.

I;m not sure about that bike but my YZ125 had a spring in the top of the carb if the cable goes into the carb check the spring.

20 bucks says you've tightened the two throttle tube bolts too much.

20 bucks says you've tightened the two throttle tube bolts too much.


if its actually your cable and you have nothing around chain lube works really well :thumbsup:

I just use motor oil and make sure its not to tight. Also If you have hand guards you should cut a slightly bigger hole in the end of the grip than the hand guard.

Cable pinched by the tank, maybe?

Also make sure you didn't melt the cable.

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