My Crash

:thumbsup: Finally got my crash posted...

May not look like much, but I wound up spending the rest of my afternoon in the ER...took home a plate and 6 screws in my wrist :thumbsup:

oiuch!!! didn't really look too bad but it all depends on what you land on first. good luck with the recovery

Ouch! That looked painful.

Here's to getting better soon!

ouch that sucks. i broke my wrist playing soccer(i was attempting a kick that was out of my experiance) it hurt like hell. i was crying for a long time...and i havent cryed in a long time before that. im happy a rider stopped to help

its ok you had andrew short behind you to help you. It looks like you just went wide open for some reason. Hope you can get the wrist healed I know it sucks.

its ok you had andrew short behind you to help you.

Hahaha.. I was going to say that.. :thumbsup:

That sucks, just remember to flex you wrist allot so it doesn't get stiff and you will be back in first place. :thumbsup:

wow that suprised me when i first saw it, it looked sorta bad. good luck with your recovery :thumbsup:

High sided!!!!!!!!!!

Not a good way to crash

Been there done that

Get well

that sucks dude get better soon:ride:

wow that made me realise how lucky i am, i have crashed way herder than that and not gotten hurt. that sucks dude, get well soon

Yeah- I've had much more spectacular crashes than that one, but I just put my left hand out to break my fall, and well- pop.

I found that guy who helped me (#29), man do I owe him beer. I also rung my bell pretty good, as it wasn't a soft track. I had a hard time remembering everything after the crash. That helmet goes on the shelf! (never again on my head)

That looked pretty bad man. When you highside, you are accelerated right into the ground, may not look to bad, but they are.

Hope you get well soon man!

same. hope u get better

Heal up soon!.......Out of all the jumps and stuff you get into in mx, you don't expect to get hurt coming out of a turn. Like a previous post said, try to exercise it as soon as the doctors say you can. Good luck!

hope you have a quick recovery...and remember to do some good PT!!

Ouch....I hurt just watching it....Speedy recovery in order

oo that sucks ive broken my wrist snowboarding and it looked like my hand was a inch above my arm when it was flat ( - ) like that it sucked. get well soon.

damn dude, tuff break, get better soon

the good ol high side. wow man i dont know what your talking bout when you said "dosent look bad" cuz that looks like it HURT

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