Show your Dual Sport XR650R


It looks good.

Where did you get the fairing from??

What head lights are you running?

Thanks for that you got me thinking.

You asked a question, what oil do we run in the forks. 2.5WT fork oil.

I think you said you had trouble with it blowing over?

And you took the thermostat out?

Get a 1990 Suzuki swift car thermostat, it fits straight in.

hey dude...thats really great info...its been awhile that question have been hanging....i've actually ridden the bike for more than 2months plus and covered about 4k kms without the thermostat...will it be harmful?

I've yet replace my fork oil...but thanks for the info too...:confused:

hey dude...thats really great info...its been awhile that question have been hanging....i've actually ridden the bike for more than 2months plus and covered about 4k kms without the thermostat...will it be harmful?

I've yet replace my fork oil...but thanks for the info too...:confused:

I would run a thermostat, just keeps the motor at a constant temp.

It is worth downloading the manual for the 650R here.

Here's the latest pics. Just have to put my Renazco on when it comes in and then I'm DONE!






And yes that's my District 7 number.

Hi BBA...i am posting it here bcoz i can't reply to your pm....your message box is instead i am replying it here...

Hi. You have a great looking XR. I just bought an 02 XR650R out of California and Im waiting for the shippers to get it here to me in Nevada. Im going to use this bike as a Dualsport and plan on riding it 58 miles round trip each day to work. I've heard these bikes do not like to sit in traffic for very long and they run a little hot on hill climbs as well.

I really like your KTM fan installment. I really want to do this mod to my bike first thing when it arrives. It is already tagged and has most of the updated performance parts and mods but nothing for keeping it cool. How hard was this to do? The Stator has already been upgraded so Im not concerned about enough power to run it and the lights but just the basics on what was your process and what model of KTM did the fan come from? Any help on this would be very appreciated from a noob! Thanks Matt

Hi Matt,

The installation is easy...mine was done by a mechanic...but i have given a good look at fits almost perfectly on to the you can see,two screws mount on the top of the fan,while the bottom 2 is just cable tie...the KTM fan comes with a connector....i cut away the connector,and two wires came off goes to grounding,the other goes to the switch...

The Fan came from EXC400....i think you can consider using DRZ400S model too...

i hope the info above would be a good help...

Smicer - your bike looks great ... Where are those pictures from with you in the jungle? I live in KL but was looking for some good riding spots in Johor and Singapore too if there are any


those photos i took was recently few months back...its not very technical and not so awesome...

i have slowed down the pace of heavy trailings for the past 1yr...i used to follow a fellow malaysian friend who is a mechanic...he have a shop in JB...he will lead us the trail entering from Kota Tinggi and will end somewhere in Mersing...its always a 1day affair which is on Sundays....we attack in the morning and usual ends at evening...

Late this month they are organising a 2day 1nite trail and camping in the jungle...i wont be able to join unfortunately...

But i believe there should be a good trailing spots somewhr in KL....even i have some friends heading to Sepang after Hari Raya to participate in the race there...

You don't need to travel down so far dude...

Just have to put my Renazco on when it comes in and then I'm DONE!


Done? DONE?! These things are NEVER done!

You're too right about that...

Thanks for the info Smicer. Im super anxious to get my BRP here but Im still waiting on FowardAir shipping company on their end. I dont know why my pm is not working? I have nothing in my inbox. Thanks Matt

Here's mine without the handguards (my renthals broke in half earlier in the day)

I love this bike

Nice pic. Where is that? I just moved to Colorado Springs and am always looking for new places to ride.


Did another trail ride after 1month not having to was good..all sunny..

although having really bad front tyre and a semi off-rd tyre on the rear,the BRP is awesome to ride..Its been raining for the past few days...leaving more deeper mudpools and ruts,the rear wheel doesnt slid much...the power of the BRP is just pump up the bike on every sticky situation...exception my luck gone bad with the front tyre at this one point and got the front handlebar locked to the left sending me crashing face down and sprained my left elbow as it was tucked inside and my left leg got stuck between the rear wheel and and sideboards as my right leg pinned down by the pig...'s some shot.


Getting all geared up.




Looks like a middle finger doesn't it?



i stupidly fell in the mudpool behind my XR..i stopped in the centre of the mudpool hoping to snap a photo of the pig in it to show how deep the mudpool is..but as i kick my sidestand down and try to put my left leg down,i couldn't reach the ground and the bike and me topple in the mudpool...leaving only my handguard visible...


took about an hour to start the roar 2 times in the begining...but went dead...i removed the sidecover to the airbox and got shocked that some muds and water has enter and even my K&N airfilter covered with some muds...

did the overflow methods millions of times,drained the carb,and actually last resort is to removed the whole fairing and tank to access to my sparkplug...but as i about to remove the tank,tried another 2 kicks,the pig roared again and i open the trottle full and let the pig works...continued the ride although the pig chocking...


Relax at our usual resting place by the waterbreaker



and to end it all...ride the bike to petrol kiosk for washing..SGD$7



badly front tyre


and my semi-offrd tyre which i used it for my 2700km ride last month.

hope you guys have enjoyed


and to end it all...ride the bike to petrol kiosk for washing..SGD$7


That fairing tank setup look great! Can you provide any more info on that?

Hey Ya,thanks...

you mite wanna scroll back to page 8...all the details and info are there...cheers dude:thumbsup:

hey guys..i just did a little cleaning of my Pig i will be removing fairings and big tank...

Look what i found....the reason of why it is a pain to start after it drowned in the mudpool....


strip up the cosmetic

and what the F!!!


look how dirty my airfilter

checkout inside the airbox...holy wackamoly..


now lets go to the carby


see some latte in there with dirt?

check out on this little bowl...look closely and you will see the latte in there


after removing the floater...take a closer look...more latte




check out my spark plug...


its horrible

After all that install back everythg...will continue tomoro..


those wanna take a closer look at the beaten up fairings which now has some cracks




well..its taken off already...time to ride light..:crazy:

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