Show your Dual Sport XR650R


my 2001 XRR.... fmf header, stock silencer, vented sidepanel air box cover, uncorked of course, BD lighting kit, bridgestone trailwing tires.... you have to smile when your going 60mph and you roll it on and it still pulls like a MF.... great machine!


hey guys..i just did a little cleaning of my Pig i will be removing fairings and big tank...

Look what i found....the reason of why it is a pain to start after it drowned in the mudpool....


strip up the cosmetic

and what the F!!!


look how dirty my airfilter

checkout inside the airbox...holy wackamoly..


now lets go to the carby


see some latte in there with dirt?

check out on this little bowl...look closely and you will see the latte in there


after removing the floater...take a closer look...more latte




check out my spark plug...


its horrible

After all that install back everythg...will continue tomoro..


Only an XR650R could start up and run after that clean up. If the intake looked this bad, I would do a complete go thru on the bike, just to check all is well. And, stop rolling around in mud puddles like a big pig! :D:crazy:

yup...pig is still alive...replaced the EO,oil filter,Iridium plug...runs great...but i think one of the jetting is clogged...will get the carb service again...and will attack the mudpools again this sun....this time,with a vengence...:crazy:

XR650R web.jpg



definately a very good low miles fortunate...i got a very high milage bikes when i bought it...but still loves the motor.

well..its not the BRP i rode today...but its the younger brother...the CRF250R.



read all about my humble broken english report here..

short video on the KX450F...pls skip the 1st 30secs or so.

and the CRF250R clip


Here's the latest pics. Just have to put my Renazco on when it comes in and then I'm DONE!






And yes that's my District 7 number.

husky123, you need to enter the "best looking bike on TT thread"! There are 6 days left to post your pics, then we can vote for our favorite. You would definitely have my vote! We need a 650R in that thread.


Even though the plate is not on it yet, I just got back from the tag office a few minutes ago and got it squared away.

Black mesa, What kind of bars do you have on there? That is a huge rise!

Black mesa, What kind of bars do you have on there? That is a huge rise!

Off the top of my head I can't remember. I'll have to take a look when I get home. They were on the bike when I got it.

checkout inside the airbox...holy wackamoly..


Check your oil consumption after this :worthy:

Prob. a scored cylinder and piston. :worthy:

Black mesa, What kind of bars do you have on there? That is a huge rise!

Tag Metals T2.

Check your oil consumption after this :worthy:

Prob. a scored cylinder and piston. :worthy:

i am doing so...thanks dude...

Rode the pig again today...well,it seems like it always rain down here...the mudpools are getting deeper...more unexpected wash..


Having the bike feeling light is way to go in this very wet terrain..but having half-lif semi-offroad rear tyre is not...


The rain have even caused a fallen tree in our path...have to reroute.




another effect by the rain.




very short clip

My pig crossing

and a friend on his newly bought DRZ that nearly drown.:worthy:

Hey,its been awhile...

just a little update on my latest ride last saturday...i did a 500km ride with another 3 pals...all of us have not slept for 24hrs before the it would be a challenge....We have planned this ride for about a Endau Rompin National Park Malaysia.

i was working from 8am in the morning and havent sleep since

here's my final prep.





Meetup at 5.50am..


Rukiez on his WR400Fs


JoeMacKint and his dinosaur XR600R


Richard Hi and his Mighty towing machine.XR400R


and last but not least...Me and my very temperamental XR650R


Weather was great...superb indeed...i think all of us have our MP3s getting going as we cruised along the highway...for about 90km...we reached Ayer Hitam toll..


we were riding when JoeMac seems to have some issues with his XR...its about half the journey to Kahang that we had to stop again to take a look at his bike...

stop at a foodstall near the roadside..


Stop for breakfast.


He told me he had his spark plug and EO and air filter replaced just before the the bike is jerky and it feels like petrol not entering the carb.

I checked the carb and found the caused.


All 3 screws on the carburator manifold was of the screws has a bad thread...replaced the screws...and asked Joe to tighten them...

The bike fire up and it is now at is normal state again.

we took our breakfast just above.



The chicken rice wasnt bad at was good with fresh apple juice to sip,nothing beats a good breakfast and we were all ready to roll again.

after another 60km ride...we refuelled.


Its about 10km to reach the entrance of Endau Rompin.


we were told that on the 2nd bridge,it is not possible to get any further...since its the monsoon season,heavy rain have caused the area to be flooded...

which we somehow reach that stage.


from this point...we thought it would gets better after crossing this area...


of coz...i have to be the one to test the water.:banghead:


video of the crossing..and after found out the other side is impossible to land visible up ahead..

one village gone fishing...





and friend Richard decided to get wet as well...since we came all the way here,might as well have some fun...



the water current was pretty strong...when we were walking over to test how deep it is,we could almost fall...

video of Richard

And so...we decided to have a group photo...:busted:




Supposedly to just backtrack and head for the entrance...but right after this point,we took a detour...i thought maybe we could just trail around the flood area to go to the other point..

we went abit off paths...soft muddy sands with fallen tree trunks...

And Joe got stuck at one point..



teamwork to do the job




At this point,we are already out of the GPS route...we continued till we reach to some plantation area...and met with one farmer who told us there's really no way beyond the point to get to the other end...only by leaving us with not much choice but to go back.

we keep riding in circles after this...



another quick look on the GPS



from the GPS reading...we are heading straight for the 54km mark..which is the right route...but we have to cross this


but its not that easy as it looks...even if we cross this,we would know what lies we decided not to proceed

so we still trying to get out...

we crossed path thats nvr really a path....crossed over fallen tree trunks...tall grass...just to be able to follow the GPS reading to lead us back to the kampong peta route...


until we reached here...which is what we thought was a beautiful sight..


took a break and looking at the GPS reading,this time,we are very close to the Kampung Peta route





Video here :

we got on track and a final photo before the exit


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