Who still sells kickstands and racks for wr400?

Hi guys! I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is still anyplace selling those billet aluminum rear fender racks or aluminum kickstands to fit a '99 WR400? (remember those? Kickstarter only; no factory auto-decompression; very popular and revolutionary bike once upon a time... and it still goes faster than I can).

I have the only street-legal one in Iowa (with just about every TT-pioneered mod) and have no plans to ever part with it, so I would like to finally upgrade the kickstand with a lighter one that tucks up out of the way better. I would also like to add a decent carrier rack to the rear. These things used to be readily available, but I'm having trouble finding them now aside from one guy on ebay who thinks the rack is worth $150... (I don't).

I figured some of the old TT'ers who have new bikes now might still have some of their old 400/426 parts like that laying around or for sale but didn't see any in the Classifieds. (the TT classifieds seem pretty dead these days, in fact...) I also see that "wanted" ads are verbotten now, too, so scratch that idea.

I guess new-old stock from a dealer or manufacturer is the best I can hope for if any of you can give me a steer.

Thanks for any help.

BTW: It's pretty interesting reading through the posts now. I've been away longer than I thought. The new-generation 450's sound awesome and quite different from mine, though many of the same complaints (like being too tall) seem to persist. My son was still racing a 50cc when I bought my WR400 and joined TT. Now I'm looking (with sticker shock) at a YZ250F for him. How time flies... :thumbsup:

Thanks, Dave. I couldn't remember any brand names or companies. I'll check it out.

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