I need some serious help! OK more than usual.

You may need to refer me on this. I have not been posting much lately, I'm now on a number of Queensland State Govt advisory groups, the ones that close tracks and parks. They take up a lot of time, a bit like teaching a pig to sing. Any way I'v learnt a lot, including that real Biologists and Environmentalists don't support the concept of "wilderness". That is the "shut the gates and keep em all out" type of wilderness at least. Any one who wants to know more about that can Email me direct (check profiles).

I've a number of protest strategies running, one should see thousands of applications for permits to use the Forests marked for closure hit the govt departments in the next few months. You can be involved. International applications would be helpfull.

( I'll ask RH to include forms and instructions on his page)

Another requires that I be able to send Email to all Queensland Govt computers (includes pollies). They are all of the type; "name"@ "dept name".qld.gov.au

Can any one help me to access all these adresses? (I will put the email on a University computer, next time it logs on it will send). There are a (small) number of senior officers in the National Parks and Wildlife Service who subscribe to the "wilderness" concept, I need to out them. Thanks from Harry

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