Moto SEX

Okay now that I have your attention. They are imposing sound limits here in Ca. I have an e-series pipe and currently run 12 discs. When I choke it down to 8 discs the power drops a lot. Which spark arrestor is the quitetest and still makes power. The e series will be on e-bay soon...

how much to sell it outright?

damn, i've been bamboozled, run amuck, and flim flamed!!!

The most silent configuration I've found so far is a stock WR pipe with a Vortip insert. You will notice a drop in high RPM pull with this set up but is will pass the forest nazi inspection. The FMF Power Core IV 'squared' is almost as quiet but should pass a sound test too. FMF standard Power Core pipe has a different internal shape with less surface area than the 'squared' pipe and is a bit louder again.

There are other pipes for Europe that claim to be quiet but I haven't checked them out.

Do not let the forest nazi test the bike in the back of your truck. A truck bed is a semi-reverberant chamber. This is a fancy way of saying sound reflecting surface and will add at least 3 dB-A to any measurement equipment.


Do you know how loud the bike is with the stock pipe and Vortip? I am thinking about going with this setup. Right now I am unplugged but I may be looking into Enduros and HScrambles.


Tim Heslip

What is legal for most events? I thought it was 94 dB.


I haven't measured it myself but the guy who invented the Vortip says his customers have been getting between 97 to 99 dB-A at sound checks.

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