VEGAS Supercross - Pastrana Cocky?

G'day all,

I weas fortunate enough to be at the Vegas Supercross last weekend. I did not see the interview, but if Pastrana was cocky, let him be.... RM125, doing everything that McGrath was doing on his works YS250.... He was lapping, according to my lap watch, the same times as McGrath......

Let him be cocky. he really is an incredible rider!



I SAID that Pastrana and McGrath were awesome on Leno Friday night. And I said Pastrana was a little cocky towards McGrath but politely so.

If anyone saw Leno, they saw Pastrana get off a couple of fun spirited digs towards McGrath a couple of times (JM being 12 years his senior). It seemed to catch McGrath off guard. Two friends that I had watch the show that know nothing about MX pointed that out to me and I agreed with them. He was just having fun as he should. Maybe cocky wasn't the correct word for me to choose.

It was all very entertaining. But everyone seems to think I've insulted their mother on mothers day. I never said Pastrana wasn't a good rider or was an ******* or wasn't a nice guy. He seemed like a nice, confident, fun spirited kid and that's how he came across.

I've actually been getting nasty e-mails today over that little comment.



Hey Bryan... Relax Dude or ya plug will fowl up... :D.... Sounds like the Interview was a blast. Wish I could have seen it... :)

Regardless, you keep practising and that way you can be cocky toward McGrath... :D

By the way, how are things going?


Sorry Mitch. That wasn't directed at you. More at some folks that sent me nasty e-mails today.

Things are good! I rode last Friday and will ride again Wednesday. Bikes running good. I just got done putting on a new rear tire and changing the brake pads.

Summer is almost here and I'm psyched!

And you?


Bryan...Temper,Temper. :)

Getting faster old Buddy.

The Super Motard series will be starting soon. Some time June/July time frame. i went and took a look at the track. Pretty simple, small and tight as a ... well, I will leave that part out. I spoke to some of the guys/track oprganisers about a poster of a French Racer scraping a peg. They made a comment about how they'd wished somebody here in Oz could do that. Well, I can. I have been dragging the peg on the Super Motard for almost 2 years. I am pretty confident I can win this. Really confident. As long as my nerve holds up. The accident in october has certainly left some mental scars that I am working on getting rid of.... But, my confidence is soaring, so i should be OK.


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