McGrath/Pestrana on Leno tonight!!!!

Just a reminder tonights (Friday 5-12-00) the night to catch McGrath and Pestrana on Leno.

I will be watching, thanks for the reminder.

Angel Boy

It was great. Both guys put on an awesome show.

Pestrana was a little cocky considering the company he was riding with. But politely so.



I have to disagree with you, I don't think Pastrana was cocky. He is a great kid who is just really excited about the chance that he has to ride. I think it is just the incredible enthusiasm and love for the sport. this is a welcome change to the sx/mx scene. To many of the "new' breed are total dipsh*ts and take it for granted what they have. Thats why you see these guys that can run Mcgrath speed or even faster for a few laps, but then burn out because of the lack of training. they have the God given talent but are too lazy to train. I truly hope that Travis becomes the next Mcgrath.

I have spoke to him briefly at Glen Helen and he is truly a great person.

Just my opinion


Agreed. I love this kid. He is very talented and very bright (graduated high school at 14). His attitude is a refreshing change from some of these guys that seem so nonchalant about everything. Plus he is extremely entertaining to watch. I am totally living vicariously through this kid. The real cool thing about him is that he is king of the extreme jumpers and has the talent to become the king of supercross. None of those other jumpers are competing anywhere else except at extreme jump events or vice versa. I don't think that he is cocky at all. I just think that he is so intelligent that he can actually conduct an interview without all the cliches. But if he wants to be cocky, that is OK with me.


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I know Im beating a dead horse here but...I just saw the Tonight Show Supercross episode tonight here in Iceland. Yes, it was a few days late, such is life in the military. Anyway, that was such awesome public relations for our sport I was way impressed. The shot with them in full moto gear with the big picture in the background was great! We have definitely gone mainstream gotta love that. Can you imagine what Jeremys final jump up onto the stage must have looked like to the folks in the front row. I bet they dont forget that too soon!! Too bad it wasnt a thumper huh??

Has anyone heard anything about Travis crashing in the last couple of days? My mother was telling me she saw him on a TV show recently and he was in a wheel chair. He supposedly crash landed while practicing an extreme jump. According to her he was in good spirits as usual and they expect him to recover completely. No it wasn't Jimmy Button that she saw. She said it was the same young kid on my extreme video and that he invinted the lazyboy, among other extreme jumps. An update or clarification would be great. This kid is going to be great for our sport!

Catch Ya Later

I have not heard of him getting hurt recently. It may of been a picture of him from last year when he crashed on an extreme jump and I think he broke his back and dislodged his spinal column a little bit. Had to have surgery.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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I hope you're right! It sounds logical. One problem I had with my moms story was that she said he crashed a couple of weeks ago. Of course, if that were the case Bryan wouldn't be getting razzed right now about the Leno show.

At any rate seeing a great rider like Pastrana get hurt makes everything a little more real. I raced yesterday and nearly broke my arm (that was very real). I definately need to work on my log crossings. I tried a Pastrana trick (Ya Right!) and rode a front wheel wheelie with my face planted on the front fender until a tree was kind enough to stop me. I had a golf ball sized bump on my wrist within 30 seconds and my forearm and hand was black and blue and scraped raw. The doctor described my arm as being deformed when he saw it and was sure it was broke. What do they know? Luckily, I just had to explain a few abrasions and an extremely swollen and bruised forearm to my boss. That's a whole lot better than coming into work with a cast.

I'm really getting tired of sucking at racing!! It's time to spend some serious time practicing before the next race. You know in between maintaining a house, a wife, two kids, 12 acres, a job and fixing my truck every time I turn around. Enough winning already!

Catch Ya Later,


He sure looked fast yesterday so I'd say he's fine. He crashed in the second moto (and still finished fourth) and hurt his thumb but that's all.


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