Carb Needles from YZ426

Has anyone tried a YZ426 carb needle in a WR or YZ 400? They have 30% more taper and start with the letter E (EVR). It adds more fuel at 2/3 throttle. Saturday I tried an EMN-#3 (and#4 and#5) and it improved power in that range.

Any feedback on needle AND clip position would be helpful. Clip position is important.(EV- is 4 clips leaner than EM-)

I have more E-- and F-- needles on order from Sudco to try next. Results will be posted.

(2000 WR400)


Quit messin' around with Sudco and get out the sandpaper- Just like the "old" days..... :-)



Straight shooter from 'True Grit' you are... Have you been riding that 'hot' KX500 around the streets lately?

You know they ain't giving licenses to Dirt Bike riders in the northwest anymore.

Better hang on to your Dual Sport KX500 and 300EXC, they are a rare breed.

James Dean


Yeah, it's "hot" isn't it?:-) I heard some talk about this street license business in the Northwest. Glad I still have a couple that'll pass the test.... Bob McGraths' got a plate on his, are you going to be able to?


Yes Outlaw,

My '00 WR400 is now a WA certified Dual Sport. First a KX500, then a CR250, now a WR400, ain't life great!! Those guys who said it couldn't be done just gotta know how to work the system. When is our next ride? How about Saturday night at about midnight in Lincoln Park? Lots of trails there and if the tides low we could race down the beach...

Then there's Alki, and it has more sand too!!

Maybe jump off the bulkheads. The SPD would love that. Keep that front wheel up Outlaw!!

James Dean

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