New Mods...Too much black ?

Heres some recent pics with the new handguards, mirrors (have yet to install bark buster/hand wrap) i have to modify the clutch lever first, its a big long GSXR600 lever.

The new rage headlight, vapor computer.

On the head on shot i think there is too much black. I need some sort of red striping or stickers on the fender maybe. Kind of like the DRZ400SM.

Whaddya think ?? Oh yea thats its parking spot, locked to the gas meter !!






i would definately wants some stuff from your bike...the rear CBR wheels...the vapor...:busted:

all white on your bike will definately looks great with inodise black front wheels...just a suggestion....:thumbsup:

oh bout the parking spot....Live Dangerously!..:thumbsup:

very nice! cbr wheels bolt right up???

very nice! cbr wheels bolt right up???

Do a search on here or at, kubiak is the guy who does the best step by step. Fortunately for me the back was already done when i bought it, it needs the most machine work. The front (which i have not done yet...still looking for a wheel) just needs the castings knocked back to the face of the bearing, then sleeves to step the 20mm bearing down to the 17mm xr shaft. These sleeves can be integrated into spacers as well. Then figure out a mounting bracket for the caliper.

I need to get the rear wheel refinished, lots of nicks on it. I'll do that this winter, same time as the wheel mod, provided i can find and F3 wheel, they look better because the disc mounting flange is much smaller than an F2, since you only use a single sided rotor on the xr.

I like the front fender, is that a KTM fender?

I like the black, and it is easy to maintian. I think that something is off a little and that is what the question is about. It looks real cool but, sometimes you can see that it needs a little more to finish the whole package and it is not always easy to see the last piece of the puzzle. I think a little bit more black in the right place would balance the sceme. Maybe just a black back fender? or back fender and radiator scoops?




I'm pretty sure its an acerbis supermoto front fender. I do have a black rear fender, i just didn't want to cut it up to mount the taillight incase i didn't like how it looked. I will cut up the black fender though, that taillight is on there to stay.

I am going to order my graphics and maybe put a sticker or two on the front, but honestly i'm still working on getting the parts on there that i want, looks don't get ya home.

I like the black and the more the better but, it should be even/ballanced.

I think that the bike looking nice and that it shows you take care of it, makes it more enjoyable when you ride the bike.

Hey, Fiddy, I'm not a big fan of oversized tanks on the 650R but in your bike's supermoto trim the tank looks great! Somehow it all works together. Too weird!

My R spends most its time in SM trim (and stock ride-heigth front and rear) and I sometimes think my 17" rims look just too small. Sometimes.

But with the oversized tank it all works together on your bike. Interesting.


In any case, very nice bike, Fiddy.

Ride safe.

Here's my baby:




who makes the hand guards with the mirrors? if you could let me know that would be great thanks.

Which oversized tank do you have ? I understand that the imf one is a little different fit than the clarke tank.

The handguards are from powermadd. They are the star series handguards. I bought the Handwrap as well which makes it a closed loop system and full protection, with the handwrap on the mirrors do not vibrate at all, even at highway speeds. They are convex so your can see people in your blind spot, the cars are a lot closer than they appear but they are still very good. I basically use them to tell me how long of a blind spot check i need to make, if that makes sense.

I did toss the bike over once the first night i had the handguards on with the wraps as well, i was fooling around in a parking lot, slid the back end into a corner and then highsided it from a pretty slow speed. The mirror just flexed in and scraped a little, it popped right back into position afterwards. I'm really impressed overall with the whole system.

Heres a few complete pics of the handwraps installed.




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