HELP!!!! clutch/ trans problem???

Well heres the details, i have a 2001 yz426f, and today for some reason in 5th it slips like the clutch is gone, and it dont seem as snappy , almost like the clutch is gone, my buddys yz250 lost the clutch and done the same thing, and when driving it , it smelled like hte clutch was burning, im not new to ripping apart engines, but i am new to loosing a clutch, ive never ever lost one.So my question is , can it be the clutch or is my 5th gear tore out? I havent had a chance to tear it apart and inspect the clutch , but i am just wondering if it may just be the clutch, because im realy not liking the idea of maybe having to ripp apart my whole engine :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Got sum bad news man, my 426 did the same thing and found it was the selector fork bent, mite not be the case on urs but it was on mine, and the best advice i can give ya is fix it rite NOW!!! or youll be replacing more than just $100 dollars worth of parts, it may get into the thousands!!!!

Anyone Else????

I would say it's time to split the cases and check the gears and shift forks.

I think it's pretty common on the 01's. On my 01 I had to replace every gear but first and all the shift forks. I got in the bad habit of shifting without the clutch back when I raced 500 two strokes and believe that was a factor:bonk: Clutch? What clutch? I was just trying to hang on:crazy:

426 boy is on the money. It if it only does it in 5th gear then it is the selector fork. A buddy of mine had the same problem. Also not too uncommmon.

First Make sure there is no tension on your clutch cable; Bends in line, ect. If the cable is fine pull the right case cover and take of a clutch spring and see if it is proper length. Usually the clutch springs go before the clutch disks. They are sold as a kit and its best to replace entire clutch at one. Less than $100.

The highest gear will show clutch slippage first because that is were the most torque is on the engine and clutch.

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