Power bomb or Mega bomb?

Has anybody seen (heard and felt) the difference between the power and mega bomb header for the WR, or any other bike for that matter? I have the TI Powercore Silencer and wanted to get a header now. But I cannot decide between the two. Price isn't really a huge difference to me, I'm more concerned with the power and sound difference. I don't want a really annoying and loud bike. Can anybody give me some input on this?

I have the powerbomb and I like it...you can tell the difference. My bike is loud because have the FMF 4.1 full system. The megabomb discription says that it lowers your decible level but I have heard you get great power gain from it. They both look good too. It seems like it makes your bike have less engine drag imo...just my 2cents.:thumbsup:

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