poor throttle response on '02 WR426

The problem I'm having is that when I twist the throttle quickly the motor tends to stumble. It doesn't matter what gear I'm in (will do it in neutral.) If I twist the throttle at a somewhat slower pace then the motor is fine. It acts like it can't handle such quick twist of the throttle. I'm not sure if this could be a jetting problem or just typical of a four-stroke motor. Having just switched from a KX500 I'm not sure what to expect. Seems that it should be better than it is though.

You need to search this site tons of info on that subject and a lot of knowlegable people to help you out,but they will tell you first to SEARCH.good luck :):D:D

Definately a jetting issue - you can work around this by turning the idle screw up just a little... the black knob below your hotstart and choke contols..., and by rolling the throttle on a little more slowly... but you do need to search the archives and get the jetting right - once you have done your mods (airbox lid etc), then get into the pilot circuits and needle clip positions...

Good luck,


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