dual sport

I have a 2000 Wr and want to dual sport it I live in California but I purchased it in Nevada and had it registered in Nevada. What are my steps on getting it licensed?

I'd call a motorcycle dealer in Nevada that does dual-sport conversions, they should be able to give you all the answers. In CA, you need lights, brakelight, signal lights, horn, and a mirror, plus a speedo if the bike originally was equipped with one. A real "stickler" CHP might also check that the brakelight remains on for 20 minutes with the engine off, and the lights & tires are DOT approved. If the 8th digit of the VIN # is a "C" or a "3", the CA DMV won't knowingly issue a plate or green sticker due to CARB regulations. Some have slipped through the system, but I've heard that they're recalling some plates lately. Registering in Nevada is probably simpler...

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