ims tank install

I have a question regarding fuel line routing

with a yz ims seat and tank. The petcock is on the opposite side as stock. Would appreciate any suggestions as to how to route the line so as to avoid fuel starvation. thanks,


I run and have run a IMS tank for the last 14 months on my 99WR and route the fuel line forward from the carb and over the top of the head behind the compression release cable and over to the petcock. I cut the fuel line length so the bend in the line occures without touching the back sid of the Rt. radiator fins. Works great and really improves handling.


Another method you may want to consider is rotating your petcock so the gas line is routed rearward on the bike. The only down side to this method is that it is a little harder to turn on/off your gas. This way you can simply run the line between the front of the carb and the head stay bracket. Use the gas line insulator from your stock line on your new gas line to protect it from any hot areas around the engine.

thanks for the info, worked great


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