400f kick starter

My kick starter is missing the detent that holds it in, yamaha said you have to buy the complete kick starter to get the detent and spring which is $125.00

does anyone know if you can get just the spring and detent?

You have to take it apart to lose them. How did you do that and what's the chance you could go back to that spot with a magnet to find them? The detent is just a small ball bearing and the spring looks like a short one from a ballpoint pen. Hardly worth $125.

You could find a kickstarter at a junkyard or on ebay to rob the ball and spring from. I'll bet that it won't matter if it from a YZ400, WR400, YZ250, or YZ125 either. maybe not even Yamaha..?

I just had mine apart to change to a Protech kickstarter. Of course, the ball popped out into the grass and I had to get a magnet to find it... Bigger than a BB and smaller than double-ought buckshot... Maybe number 4 buck or T-shot.

I think I have seen a ball bearing assortment at my local hardware store (not positive though). If you give me until tomorrow to look, I can take mine back apart, measure the ball, and then see if they have one close enough to work. That's all assuming I remember right about seeing a drawer labeled ball bearings there, of course.

Heck, I have some various small wheel bearings and such out in my shop that I bet would yield up a close replacement. Maybe you do , too? Then rob a spring from a pen, shorten it, and your back in business.

Ditto what Chaindrive said. Pen spring and a small ball bearing will work. I've done it more than once due to stupidity on my part. You'd think I'd learn? :thumbsup:

I bouught the bike like this so I have no clue on the size, so the help is much appreciated.

Just take the kick lever with you and go find a spring ( a pen spring will be too light ) and ball that fit into the hole so the ball is about 3/4 of the way out of the hole and put a little grease on it and reinstall onto the bike. The parts don't have to be Yamaha to work, heck I've even drilled the hole to a slightly bigger size to fit a spring and ball that wouldn't fit the original hole. Easy fix -:thumbsup: - Good Luck -- WR Dave.

I found a spring and bal that worked perfect, thanks for the info.

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