650R Stator Issue

need a bit of help here.

My XR is an american spec though I live in Northern Ireland, and since I ride on the road I'm fed up of the candle power lights....

i did a bit of searching and found a G44 stator upgrade from BBBikeshop with all ten poles wound. I asked if it came with a sealed grommet for an XR650R and the guy replied that it did.

I received the alternator on Saturday morning after ordering on tuesday so they did well for prompt delivery.

However, the stock ignition pulse pickup is wired through the existing stock grommet, but the one I received has all the wires sealed in the grommet and all of the wires are fixed to the poles on the coil. There are enough wires for me to cut two of them at the stator and wire the existing pulse pickup to it but I’m unsure about doing this and messing up the coil.

I know about the rickystator or XRStuff here in the UK, but I have no experience of shipping from the states and XRStuff didn't reply to any of my questions by email or answer the phone when i tried.

Should I send the stator back and take BBB's 20% hit on cost for returns or doctor the wiring to fit the pulse pickup in there?


Add two wires for the pickup and route them through the grommet (make a small passage).

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