WR450 Gearing change 14/51 or 14/52?

I want to lower the gearing slightly on my 450. We do a lot of 1st / 2nd / 3rd gear riding.

Will going up one tooth on the rear sprocket make enough difference?

Anybody gone up a tooth on the rear and then wished thay had bought a 52 tooth instead?


To explore, try throwing a 13T on the front- its a cheap and fast way to experiment. Gave me just what I wanted for tight trails.

A one tooth change on the rear sprocket is only about 2% difference. Doubtful you could even tell the difference.

One tooth down on the front sprocket is about 7.8%, or the same as about 4 teeth on the rear sprocket. More significant, and cheaper/easier to try.

My bike came to me with 14/52, but I dropped it to 13/52 because I do a lot of slow rocky tight trail stuff.

I dropped from a 14 to a 13 on the front and it made quite a difference.


Hiya, I have played around a bit with sprockets & went 13/51 which was great for tight snotty trails & hill climbs but no good for open track. I then went back to 14/50 & while it is not as snappy off the mark it is still usable. I may still experiment with 14/51 yet but try this link which has a gearing calculator & can give you speed comparison in each gear by mucking around with the sprocket ratio's.


Hope it helps.


Great Information guys - I was wondering how to gear down for the tight trails myself.

I went from a 14/50 to a 13/50. I mostly trail ride and this change made all the difference for me. You can crawl up anything. The low end is really nice for tight technical stuff.

Canyonclimb 2004 wr450

Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm gonna give the cheaper option of a 13 tooth front a try first, then if that feels too low I'll think about changing the rear.

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