03 yz450f part needed..

since i cannot post a wanted in the for sale section, i geuss i can ask here..just wondered if anyone has their tank/radiator shrouds (plastics)..with or without graphics..any help? thanx-josh

I will check my parts bin....keep in mind....03-05 plastics are all the same.....thats the good news.

I may have fenders and other parts to if needed.....I will pm you after I check


thanx for the fast reply!..that would be awesome if you could find some in your bin!..i've been checking ebay and i find new in box pairs for like $40 plus shipping..and they are acerbis and i dont kno if the colors will really match stock too well..and im on a tight budget bcuz i had to replace the radiators right off the bat from buying the bike..so that's why i need the shrouds..haha..if you could find some..idk how much shipping is to cooper city florida..but if the price is right i would like to buy them..if they are straight without stress marks..so just let me know if you find anything..thanx again-josh

..if they are straight without stress marks.

If you mean the white coloured marks when the plastics are bent, you can get them back to blue with a heat gun or maybe even a hair dryer. It sounds ridiculous, but this is not a joke, it really does work. Try it on your old plastics.

alright i'll give it a try! thanx a lot for your suggestion-josh

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