Do these WR400s have a rev limiter?

I have removed the air filter lid and the baffle is out. When I really get on the bike hard in 1st-3rd gear it seems to hit some kind of a limiter, could this be a rev limiter? I guess I never really hit it the rev limiter before I removed these two things, does is just get there ALOT faster or is there something wrong?

My 99 DOES have a rev limiter. I thought my main jet was off. But it sounds as if it my rev limiter. Other than my street bikes, this is my first 4 stroke race bike. I only raced 2 strokes prior to this.

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Will the YZ throttle stop work on my "99? This is just in case this is my problem also.

The YZ/WRs have a rev limiter at 11,500rpm.

They also have a neutral switch that lowers the revlimiter to around 4,500rpm while in neutral to pass stationary sound tests.



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I had the same problem with my year 2000 WR, especially after I rolled the exhaust cam to the YZ spec. It would rev to the moon while spinning the rear wheel. My solution, and I can't recommend this for tight trail use, was to go to a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket. Made a world of difference, but now it's a handful in the nasty. A cheap way to stay off the rev limiter, but not the answer. I'm installing a 10oz flywheel weight (I've had it for 3 weeks now, no time to install yet) and hope this is the fix.

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Did you shave down your throttle stop or remove it completely?

When I got my 1999 WR, I removed the throttle stop completely and my bike acted like it had a rev limiter. When I shaved down the throttle stop as per Baja Designs, it revved to the moon. If you have a 2000 WR, you need to replace your stock throttle stop with the YZ426 throttle stop. It's only a few bucks.


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