FACTS: YZF450 vs CRF450R vs KX450R

Hello, there is a similiar thread in the KX450R/CRF section. I'm upgrading my 05 CRF450R and I'm looking at 07 leftovers. I've been racing Hondas since 1975 with the exeption of the the first YZ400/426's. What I'm looking for are honest opinions from riders who own or have ridden these bikes. With the current OEM rebates the Yam and Kaw are much cheaper. I'm an old expert at 5:11', 200lbs and race the senior class in MX. Thanks guys.:thumbsup:

Facts or opinions....they ain't the same

I dont care what 07 you buy they are all great bikes in their own realm.....we like Yamis that is why we own them.....but they have some deficiencies as do Hondas, Kawis and Suzukis.....

That is my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions.......

All good bikes

They are so close that I dont think you can tell much

Price however $$$ diff story

Many people who ride yamaha's will tell you to stay away from the honda's due to their valve problems. Supposedly they fixed that problem and i have not heard anything about valve issues with honda anymore. Like everyone else said, they are all great bikes and i would just get the one that was the cheapest and the with the money you saved you can buy heavier springs and get your bike revalved.

I have had several Honda CRF450s and they are great bikes and run very strong, however my '07 YZ450 will turn under the Honda like it's on rails, and I never put anything into this "centralization of mass" thing before, but I am here to tell you, the YZ feels 20 lbs lighter than the Honda. Also, the YZ has NO vibration. The motor hits incredibly smooth and has power everywhere, but no vibration through the pegs and bars. It's incredible. It would be nice if you could ride them back to back to see what I mean. I haven't ridden a KX, but they are sexy and they are also the heaviest of the bunch. Good luck! Last comment, the Yamahas have an incredible record of reliability.

I've have been debating 'upgrading' my 426 to a crf450x/r.... then i met a guy who works for honda but races yamahas, and said he wouldnt not go near a honda?

What are the valve problems they have and when do you think honda may have cleared up any issues they had?

one of my dad's friend has i think an 05 or 06 crf and he has to rebuild the top end and revalve it every season. but then again he hillclimbs alot and rides the bike hard.

My Hondas have all needed top end rebuilds. It runs about $1000.00 a pop. The titanium valves "mushroom" against the cylinder head and typically they can be adjusted once (usually at about 20 - 30 hours of riding), then the next time it gets hard to start, dig deep for your checkbook. I'm not sure why the Yamahas don't have the repitition, because they have titanium valves also (so the KTMs, KX's and RMZs for that matter).

If you have money to spend, pick a color. But if you are on a budget, you can't deny the fact of how reliable the YZ450f engine is.

Look on page 18 dated 6-13 Honda 05CRF to Yamaha 450YZ, might help you out.

Thanks guys, I appreciate all the advice. It's looking like I'm going blue. Now I've got to sell my spare CRF wheels, filters etc...

I just baught a brand new 07 yz450 and I love it. Felt tottaly comfortable instanly. the suspension is awsome and the power is great. get it youll love it too.

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