2003 WR prediction

Just talked to a person who talked to a factory rep and they implied an e-button and 460cc for the WR for 2003. I asked if this was definate(should I buy now or wait) and they said to wait if I needed the e-button. If not, special financing would be available in March for the current model. This guy sounded like he knew what was coming but wasn't at liberty to say. It stands to reason that this may be true-if they offer the special financing, they can get rid of the current inventory, which will be hard to get rid of if the new model is as predicted. Needless to say, I'm going to wait till this summers dealer's show at Vegas before my money goes towards any new bike even if the financing incentives are good. I'm sure if this is correct, they will be very hard to get and the dealers will be commanding premium prices but I think it will be worth the wait. Take this for what its worth-Like I said-this guy seemed very informed but would not give a specific yes or no.

My mom's friend's brother in law's sister said the YZ450 will be 200lbs next year and have 70 RWHP can you believe that? LOL

I sure hope Yamaha makes some changes to the YZF 4**F line next year (ex: less weight) But I wont believe any of the speculation until I read it on Yamaha's web site! Later,


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