Thinking about doing the tank/seat switch.

From what everyone says about changing there seat to YZ, and tank to the IMS 3.0g, I think I might want to do this. Just to make sure I get the right stuff, I need to get the 00'YZ426 seat {stock from any dealer, right?} and which IMS tank? Is it the 00'YZ426 tank also? I definetly think it would grealy improve the handling capabilities of this beast. I am 6-0ft 170lb. And what about a graphics kit, will I still be able to use the WR kit with the differant tank and seat. Will the radiator shrouds still be able to be used off my bike, or do I have to get YZ shrouds also.

The IMS tank uses the WR shrouds. There are several different tanks out there: IMS, Clarke, Acerbis and one other I believe. IMS sells an entire YZ seat ($125)or just a YZ seat base. The IMS foam, in my opinion, is softer than OEM, but still pretty stiff. Some guys use a differant seat foam on their IMS YZ seat base. The YZ tank has a capacity of around 2 gallons. I, and several others have swapped to a YZ tank. I dearly love mine, although the extra gallon of fuel might be nice. If I go somewhere where I need the range, I'll put the OEM tank and seat back on. Around home, I am fat (that would be fat, dumb and happy) using the YZ tank. It makes a HUGE difference if you ride on an MX track, and nicer everywhere else too (unless it is in the Mojave in the middle of no-where and you are sucking fumes in your tank).

Not to put down the IMS tank because it is a huge improvment over the stock. But the Clarke tank is just a tad thinner and holds the extra wieght a little lower in the tank. I would recommend the Clarke for those reason plus it;s $45 dollars cheaper and it bolts to both sides frame useing the stock bolt holes where as the IMS only bolts to one side. Both tanks will doyou very well though. I put a Clarke on a yz400 and couldnt tell any differance from the stock and I gained 1.2 gallon of fuel capacity.

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