YEEHAAAAA. Isn't Change Wonderful!!!!

G'day all,

I made some rather big changes to the bike this weekend.

1. Fast Line Braided brake Line

2. YZ Seat and Tank

Now, for the difference Money Makes. Well, lets just say... NIGHT and DAY.. :)

BREAKING - The breaking is truly single finder breaking. Nothing more, sometimes less depending on whether I had a late night or not... :D

SEAT/TANK - Initially, a ******* nightmare... Everything was calibrated for the WR seat and tank. Bar & Lever positioning and riding style. Well, everything was assbackwards and heading south into a deep snow bank. I was riding like a monkey ******* a football. Body positioning was all wrong, knackered myself on the gas cap twice (front brakes fault) and overshot about 10 corners. So, the rest of Saturday was spent recalibrating EVERYTHING. Well, by Saturday afternoon, I was lapping about 5 seconds quicker than previously. Everything flowed more gracefully and smoothly.

Incredible change and vast improvements. Cant wait until I get a few more hours in. I felt I was getting faster by the LAP.....

Thanks guys.



Motard Mitch

Mitch, I agree 100%

Yesterday was the first ride on my new 00 WR, and compared to the old 99 I must say I was extremly happy with the seat and tank.

I also put on a fastline braided line which can stop me with one finger, or 2 fingers if you want to put the back wheel 4 feet into the air. Worst thing was the conditions of my first trail ride with the braided line, it was raining, muddy and slippery, this made for some very hairy moments.


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I did those a while back and this weekend I went a step further... stock yz400 tank and 270mm brake.

Kinda wierd not having anything between your legs, the bike feels like a mini-bike now.

As far as the brake, it is awesome, more overall power and better feel on lighter braking. I'll send in a cool picture, I'm practicing "stoppies".


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Hey there Greg..

I was thinking about the 270mm rotor.. but decided not too. When I was riding super Motard, i tried a 320mm floating rotor and found it to be too much! I lost the real sensation of strain, effort and fear.. :) when braking. So, I stuck with the stocker with braided brake line. Currently, I am extremely happy with the braided brake line. but, knowing you guys, you will convince me to buy it anyway... :D...


Hey Mitch - how much(ish) for the seat and tank and where from (in Oz??)


Phil Tomlin has IMS seat and tank combos for the cheapest price in Australia, and if you don't want an IMS tank and you want the YZ tank I would reccomend that you still go for the IMS seat, as it's a bit more comfortable than the YZ seat, and from last Sunday I can vouch for that, my rear end is still recovering from the first ride on the YZ seat, but I love it !!


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

400 Thumpers Australia</A>

2000 WR400F,White Brothers E-Series Tapered header, Devol Rad. guards, Renthals, WB frame guards, UFO rear guard and fork guards, Braided brake line, Throttle Jockey YZ426 graphics and grippy seat.

Hey mitch

Did you get a yz tank or ims tank?


I shelled out that little extra and got the YZ. Fits alot better than the IMS and I dont have to worry about rerouting.....


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