Need Sequoia Tips

Guys and Clark,

I'm going to the Sequoia ride on June 10 and 11. I want to add a few things and want to know whether conditions warrant it:

Skid Plate?

Radiator guards?

Hand guards?

13 tooth counter shaft sprocket?

Stock muffer with vortip? (I have the fmf IV-2).

Shortened wheelbase via removal of two links?

Drop fork tubes 10mm?

I imagine that I won't need any top end to cruise roads. I did ride the San Luis Obispo April ride and felt a lower gear would have helped in the real tight stuff. Do you agree?

How do the "difficult" Sequoia portions compare with the "difficult" portions of San Luis Obispo?

I also notice that we could be climbing to 9,000 feet. Any recommendations on jackets or is it warm enough in June?

Thanks for your answers and I hope we can chat at lunch or dinner.

Dont forget jetting...

One more thing. You will need top end. You'll

be cruisin alot of roads. Probably more than you'll want.


Need Sequoia Tips

Don't hit any trees! :)

Hi Tom I am going to do the Dual Dog ride and was thinking the same thing. I have the brush guards(life savers), 15 cs . I am looking for a skid plate and think I am going to get a moose . I am going up Friday night.

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If you plan to ride all of the "A" loops then I would recommend you do everything on your list. Maybe only drop the forks 5mm if you shorten the chain. As to your exhaust I would go with the Stock w Vortip, I perfer quiet but I'm sure there will be plenty of loud stuff on the ride. With the Stock and Vortip you can go either way. These rides are long and after a few hours in the saddle the loud pipes get to me. The weather can be anything from roasting hot to blizzard cold so come prepared.

Just thoughts

Look me up while you are there My bike is always easy to find its the one everbody is gawking at.


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Where in the Sequoia's do you guys ride. I get down that way sometimes and would be interested to know.



98WR White Bros E Series stock head pipe, IMS Tank/seat Pro Tapers Works Connection guards. Stock timing

I've been snowed and rained on at this ride in June, so you should bring a jacket. The lower elevation can be warm but the high passes can be cool. No need to gear down. Hand guards are a plus for any ride. Do'nt waste your time shortening your wheel base.


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