starting drill info and maintennce for wr426

keep hearing the saying about get the starting drill hard is this bike to start and whats the trick..also wondering what kind of maintence schedule set for many hours between oil changes..change after every ride oil and filter or every ??? hours, etc..ty

It's piss easy once you learn. You don't even think about it after your first ride.

Slowly kick it through until there is alot of resistance(can't kick it anymore) This gets the piston to TDC (Top Dead Centre)

Kick down till you can't any more, Pull in the decomp lever all the way

Kick down just past the resistance point, about 1.5-2 inches

Let out the decomp lever and let the kick starter back up to the top

Kick the crap out of it

To start the bike just kick down until you to hit compression,pull in the decomp lever kick down a little more then let the kickstart return to the top then kick down fully and you should be all systems go!Oil changes are normally every three to four rides.Clean oil is a must for this Beast!!!!!!!

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