06 450 Kick start question

I went to start my 450 and the kick starter was hard to get started in the down stroke, as if the engine was at compression stroke without a decompression release. Put the bike in gear and bumped the engine to move a tad, then it was normal. Did it again after riding a few hours but easily broke loose and kicked normal. Any ideas on this?

Thanks for the info Gray, I feel mucho better about this now!!

I get the same thing once in awhile on my '06 also...the first time it happened I thought !

Me too, that's what I like about this forum. You can get some good insight to what others are experiencing with their rides.

Its happened twice to my 07 WR 450f. Once in the garage and once at the staging area last time out. My guess is the auto decomp is hanging up. As long as it don't hurt anything its fine.

Ok I read gray's answer in the other thread and what he said to do to get it to kick normal again is exactly what it took to get the bike to kick. Once again gray proves to be a walking 5 valve reference source :thumbsup:

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