The best WR400 mods - what? where? how much?

I want to post a page accessible from the tech section of this site that shows the top modifications we goobers do to our WR400's and gives useful information on each that new WR owners may benefit from.

I would like to include prices, web link if possible, a quick description and evaluation of what the product does, and where to get it for the best price. I need your help since I don't have many of the products everyone seems to like (for instance, I don't have the YZ seat/tank combo).

I'll start since I've become known as the 'damper guy'.

1) Scotts Steering Damper

Price-$400 dollars

Available through Baja Designs ( )

Installs on top of a special triple clamp (included in the price) above your headset but below your handle bars. Arm attaches around your oil filler on the frame. Acts like a shock absorber to absorb medium and big impacts that would normally turn your handlebars quickly. Increases control and greatly reduces fatigue over rough terrain. Especially rocks, sand and whoops. Also eliminates arm pump. This unit can be easily adjusted while riding to suit your needs as terrain changes by dialing a knob on top of the damper.

Can also be purchased with Pro tapers and associated triple clamp for $500 for the entire, all inclusive package.

2) Ty Davis/Terry Cable hot start handlebar mount kit

Price-$60 dollars

Available through? Local dealers. Maybe Baja Designs

Replaces stock carb mounted hot start button. Vacuum tube comes off of carb and routes along frame under gas tank. New hot start mechanism is mounted on your handlebars basically anywhere you want. It allows you to flick on the hot start with one finger while holding the clutch and/or brake, and easily flick it off again without letting go of your handlebars. Another nice benefit is that it allows you to occasionally slightly lean out your fuel mixture while riding by cracking the hot start switch open slightly. This has been useful to me on a few occasions when the engine started loading up right before fouling a plug while the engine was cold and I used the choke for too long. I leaned out the mixture by cracking the hot start until it ran good.

Any more? Anybody? Anybody?

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