Should I get the WR400 4.2g IMS tank?

I see there is a 4.2g tank that IMS makes for the WR, do I want this one or do I want the 3.3g one for the YZ400? I wnat this seat/tank switch that makes "loads" of differance. Please help, now I'm confused.

I have the IMS 4.2 gallon gas tank. It's wider, taller and lower than the stock one. All in all much bigger. Your hand guards might hit the tank on top but they can be trimmed to work. It's a good fit and you really don't notice the difference when riding except that your legs are wider apart and it is a little steeper seat to tank and pushes you back just a bit. But that's me, and before the WR I had a XR650L with a 5 gallon tank!

Final thought: If you need the range it's great, but, now I ride with guys that all have a stock gas range of about 70 miles or so, so I switched back to the stock tank because it is smaller and we will all run out of gas and walk back to the truck together. But if you don't need the range get the smaller yz 3.3 gallon.

That's my opinion.

Dear Mr.2000WR400, I have the 4 gallon IMS tank also, I go on 1000mi rides with friends and I have to have it. I take it off when I go on day rides. This tank is HUGE, Its like riding a bull at the rodeo, trust me... I think you're looking for the 3.3/yz seat combo from IMS. Their real nice!! See ya, Dan

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