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I went for a little ride today to test out the damaged shoulder. After 45min of riding, I noticed my fingers getting a breeze. Well my brand new Acerbis carbon fiber gloves were coming apart on my right hand! Damn!!. Well I'm going to try to warranty these suckers.. Nope, I did a dumb-ass little fall and now the complete palm of the left hand seperated at the stitching :) I tell ya, these were the coolest looking gloves, I just hadda have em! Fit great, looked cool, carbon fiber knuckles. They are the best lookin most expensive piece-o-crap I ever bought... Now to search for some great gloves. Anybody else have any sugestions?


well, my bro had some problems with the expensive fox gloves last year (retaining strap broke), but i have had zero probs with my fox dirtpaws (cheapest gloves they offer) from 1999. they are still my favorite gloves... and most comfortable. i also have a pair of 00 matrix (no fear), 00 thor core, and 01 thor ac2 gloves. the ac2 gloves are the only ones that compare in comfort to the fox ones, but don't provide much protection against trail junk (jagger bushes, thorns, etc) if you ride in much of that, cuz they are made to be light weight to be vented. i've never had any problems with them, though, and they don't hvae any straps to mess with... kinda like a fitted hat i guess...


hope this helped. :)

I really like Sinisalo gloves...

I bought a mid-range pair of Thor gloves last year, and my wife then got me Thor's top of the line gloves - sorry, I don't remember the model. Both have lasted real well, but the lesser ones leave gouges on both thumbs next to the grip. The better ones are the best gloves I have ever owned - great materials and in the right places so there is no bunching in the palm, lots of blister protection on the thumbs, and good ventilation. Not much on the top side for rock protection, but a good glove that lasts.


oh yeah, one more thing. I don't know if it's the same on other years, but my 98 has a front brake adjuster screw that will destroy the index finger of any glove you buy. I put a emmisions cap (same as you cover the octopus holes with) on the screw after 2 pairs of gloves were destroyed.

This is probably old news, but worth a look for the new WR/YZ owners.


Thanks Guy's

Nobody had the Fox that could get it to me before this weekend. I ended up up with AXO Padlock @ $34.95 and for back-up Axo MMZero reg $37.95 on sale $19.95, couldn't pass that one up. Never could find Sinisalo gloves.


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