Modified Yoshimura exhaust

After the rivets broke free and cracked the carbon fiber, I decided to cut 3 inches off the muffler and put the rivets back in. This is how it turned out. Also got my brand new header after the last one cracked where it starts to flange out. Yoshimura replaced it no questions asked. Cant beat it.



I thought it would be louder, but with the spark arrestor in it, it actually got quieter than when it was longer and had no spark arrestor.

Any pictures from the other side, can really see the can, I like it though was thinking about doing this with my white brothers carbon pro II on my 06.

I'll post a picture from the other side when i get home from work. They are on my photobucket but i cant access it from work.

I have a GYTR carbon exhaust on my 03 450 that had about 4 inches cut off. It's pretty loud even with a sparky in it. But they do look a lot better I think.

Here's a picture from the opposite side.


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